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Derek Jeter homered, Alfonso Soriano had a walk-off game-winning hit, and Hideki Matsui was celebrated. No, this isn’t a recap of Yankees Classics, this happened today!

It has been a tough season for the Yankees and their fans. Who knew Curtis Granderson’s injury from an errant pitch from J.A. Happ in Spring Training would set the tone for a whole season up to this point? The Yankees are celebrating a “timeless legacy” that’s supposed to evoke memories of Yankee defining moments, not injuries. Who knew there would be such a revolving door at shortstop and third base?

The next few days will be a test for the Yankees and their fans. Are the fans willing to stand by this team if they falter? Will the Yankees give up on this season? Will they keep fighting for that last Wild Card berth? With Jeter back, Granderson set to return soon, and Michael Pineda (remember him?) working his way back from injury, what can we expect? Let’s also not overlook the specter that is a possible suspension for Alex Rodriguez…

Perhaps we could all be optimistic for the remainder of this season and hope the Yankees’ collective luck can turn around. Today’s win was an important first step. Hey, if it all goes well, we can look back on this season, realize the doom-and-gloom was exaggerated, and ask ourselves “who knew?”

These Are Interesting Times To Be A Yankees Fan

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Yankees Opening Day

Baseball’s back (and better than ever?  Uhhhh…) and I took a trip to the Bronx to attend my first Opening Day game!

The weather was great to start but got very chilly (for spring) later on.  It didn’t help that the Yankees lost 8-2 to the Boston Red Sox but I still had a good time.

Here are some things worth noting:

  • CC Sabathia looks skinnier than ever.  Starting to live up to being billed as “Slimbathia.”  Still big but the girth he once had is now largely absent.
  • CC didn’t warm up to “Big Poppa” 😦
  • It was quite hot to start the game; my seats were still in the direction of the sun despite being under some shade.  I think I got a slight tan out of it…
  • The sound system in my section wasn’t working at all—we couldn’t hear any announcements during the opening ceremonies.  They finally turned on the speakers just in time for Mariano Rivera’s introduction.
  • A moment of silence was held to honor the memory of those killed in the school shooting at Sandy Hook.  Just heartbreaking thinking about those young children who were murdered.
  • The giant videoboard misspelled Eduardo Nunez’s name as “Eduardi Nunez.”  This was corrected quickly.
  • The crowd cleared at around the 6th or 7th inning.  By the 8th and 9th, it started to drizzle and get windy; this forced more people to hide for cover making Yankee Stadium look completely empty.

All in all, a fun time was still had.  Go Yankees!

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GET ME OUTTA HERE! /Dwyane Wade voice

Okay, the title isn’t really that serious, but I am leaving (by 18:45 EDT if all goes well).

It’s not a permanent move but I’m getting out of town to go take a short vacation/extended weekend in Seattle.

I’ve had prior experience with the Emerald City via two separate stints, both sometime in the late 1990s.  I don’t remember much of what I did back then (I just have memories of individual moments in time) other than I was with family a lot while on vacation there.  This upcoming trip will be the first time I’m going over there solo (or #ForeverAlone if you want to look at it that way).

I’ll be meeting up with a friend who had moved out there for work and we’ll pretty much just hang out, explore, check out a few things.  We’re also going to see the Yankees-Mariners game too, which should be exciting.  I’ve never seen a game in Safeco Field and this will be the first time I’ll see the Yankees playing outside of New York.

I love baseball and I think it’s about time I press the BAM! button and kick it up a notch (no Emeril) and really start traveling outside of the NY metropolitan area.  Seeing Yankees and Mets games here is nice but I would like to check out America’s Pastime elsewhere and see how the experience is different in other stadiums in other cities.

Plus, I think I could use some time away from New York.  It’s nice to stay “grounded” in a certain part of the country but you really limit yourself if you never go beyond your borders.  There’s a big world in front of you and you might as well explore the map and get rid of that Fog of War (vague Blizzard game references).

/cue Michael Kay saying “SSSSEEE YA!”

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A Bronx Fail: the Mets Lose to the Yankees Again

The Mets lost last night and again tonight in the “Subway Series” at Yankee Stadium.  The two losses both happened differently, though.  I guess the Yankees are finally turning things around (they used to take one month to warm up but I guess they now need two months?!) while the Mets have hit a cold spell; that sound you hear is that of the Washington Nationals increasing their lead in the NL East.

The first loss on Friday night was a rout where the Yankees hit four home runs off of Johan Santana.  Tonight’s loss for them was more of their pitching giving up more runs than the Yankees did.  It could’ve been ugly for the Yankees after grounding into a double play when the bases were loaded in the first inning but they came out on top (thankfully).

Tomorrow’s game should be fun: Andy Pettitte pitches for the Yankees.  Possible sweep of the Mets tomorrow?

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