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Getting Reacclimated (In More Ways Than One)

This is a ghastly habit.

When I started this blog, I meant to write often—providing my few readers something to think about.  I got very lazy and kept deferring updates until now.

So, what has happened?

I took a trip to Seattle (second time in two years) to see the Yankees play the Mariners.  Before that, I spent a few days in San Francisco and caught a Blue Jays – Giants game over there.

Visiting Seattle was not fully about the Yankee game (okay, maybe a little) as I went to meet up with a friend of mine who had moved out there.  I had a great few days getting to explore different places and meeting new people. Thanks for your hospitality!

It’s really nice to get up and go far away from home for a few days.  There’s so much to explore beyond your comfort zone; go out and travel if you can.

Coming back home from Seattle to New York was welcoming but also a drag because I felt like I had finally gotten used to everything different over there: the climate, the people, and the time difference.  Returning home meant having to be reacclimated to what I was already used to in New York.

And after all that, there is yet another acclimation: writing in this blog.  I can make no guarantees but I’ll do my “darnedest” to update a little more often.

That’s all for me here.  Until next time…

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To Seattle And Back (Part 1)

On July 20, I rewarded myself with a trip to Seattle, Washington to visit a friend, watch a baseball game, and get out of New York for a few days in order to force myself into a change of scenery.  You want to know how this trip went?  Of course you do!

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GET ME OUTTA HERE! /Dwyane Wade voice

Okay, the title isn’t really that serious, but I am leaving (by 18:45 EDT if all goes well).

It’s not a permanent move but I’m getting out of town to go take a short vacation/extended weekend in Seattle.

I’ve had prior experience with the Emerald City via two separate stints, both sometime in the late 1990s.  I don’t remember much of what I did back then (I just have memories of individual moments in time) other than I was with family a lot while on vacation there.  This upcoming trip will be the first time I’m going over there solo (or #ForeverAlone if you want to look at it that way).

I’ll be meeting up with a friend who had moved out there for work and we’ll pretty much just hang out, explore, check out a few things.  We’re also going to see the Yankees-Mariners game too, which should be exciting.  I’ve never seen a game in Safeco Field and this will be the first time I’ll see the Yankees playing outside of New York.

I love baseball and I think it’s about time I press the BAM! button and kick it up a notch (no Emeril) and really start traveling outside of the NY metropolitan area.  Seeing Yankees and Mets games here is nice but I would like to check out America’s Pastime elsewhere and see how the experience is different in other stadiums in other cities.

Plus, I think I could use some time away from New York.  It’s nice to stay “grounded” in a certain part of the country but you really limit yourself if you never go beyond your borders.  There’s a big world in front of you and you might as well explore the map and get rid of that Fog of War (vague Blizzard game references).

/cue Michael Kay saying “SSSSEEE YA!”

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“Anticipation is running through me…” /Eddie Money voice

In less than two weeks, I’m outta here.  Don’t pop the champagne yet—I’m merely going to Seattle for a few days for a quick vacation.

Some of you can’t wait to go backpacking into some 67th-world country but I had never really gotten a case of the “travel bug.”  I had taken some trips here and there but usually they were trips that had some purpose (they were affiliated with an event).  I also went to various places through the years on family vacations but many of those were when I was too young to travel alone.

It’s not too long a trip and it’s not like I’m flying across the Pacific but I still find myself excited.  Staying in the same place for too long is like stepping in wet cement: the longer you stay put, those foot prints are going to become permanent, and you may find yourself stuck in the same place. I haven’t yet started the journey but I can already see why people love traveling.  It’s like there’s a sense of exhilaration knowing you’re going someplace different and someplace you may have never seen before.

There’s a lot that goes on outside where you live and stay.  Don’t be shy—check it out sometime and see how things and people are different.

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