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A Humbling 31

A lot can change in a calendar year.

Last year I was brimming with excitement for my birthday. I was already thinking about birthday plans for months, figuring out what to do, who to invite, where to go. It was a fun time, getting a lot of people together to celebrate.

This year I never gave it any thought.

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A Test of Some Kind

Life is interspersed with unexpected calamities that test one’s resolve.

Diamonds are made under pressure, so says that random person on Instagram who posts grainy pictures of inspirational text that was originally stolen from someone who had found it on Tumblr or Facebook. We don’t like dealing with pressure, obviously, but rarely has anything good come from not dealing with pressure.

Pressure tests you. Pressure challenges you. Pressure forces you to think on your toes, take risks, and reach new heights never imagined. Nothing was ever accomplished without some iota of risk.

There is always the light at the end of the tunnel. Giving up is the easy way out and the biggest mistake you could possibly make. Are you going to turn around, because you can’t see the light, or are you going to keep moving forward, knowing you’re going to get closer with each step?

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The Past Is Permanent ~ One Month’s Reflection

It’s January 24 and I find myself sitting while pondering, wondering, and hypothesizing life and its mysteries.  Some people do this when they’re drunk or high but I tend to think about a lot of things most of the time.  What’s on my mind?  I guess a list of things is apropos.

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