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“I Wanna Be Like Mike” — A Totally Different Approach

If you don’t know who Michael Jordan is by now, you probably are just not very aware of current events and you were likely living under a rock or 800 feet underground since the 1980s.

He played basketball.  Lots of basketball.  Was a member of the United States basketball team in the Olympics (otherwise known as the “Dream Team”) and won championships with the Chicago Bulls.  Also has a brand of overpriced and overrated sneakers still popular today.

Many people wanted to be like Mike by emulating what he did on the basketball court.  Me?  Nah, despite my height, I had no aspirations to be like Mike; I was and still am a horrible basketball player with no skills whatsoever.  Call on me to watch a game, that’s it.

However, rather than emulate Mike’s basketball abilities, I took to other approaches.  Thanks to the internet, I got to learn a lot more about “His Airness,” such as the fact he once wore a different number in a game because his jersey was stolen:

Michael Jordan wearing number 12

Yeah, Jordan can’t believe it either.

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