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Winds of Change

The new year has barely begun and it feels like I’m already ahead of myself.  I’ve found myself looking far beyond the horizon wondering if I’m ready for some change in my social life.

I feel like I’ve been putting distance between me and a few others.  I don’t know what to make of this increasing distance: is it the result of me no longer accepting people because I don’t like them?  Or, is it the result of me realizing that there was never a place for such people to begin with?

I still remember someone I know telling me he believes in making as many friends as possible because it’s his way of making the most of his life.  Admirable?  Sure.  Ridiculous?  Sure.  But why do I find it ridiculous?  Why, because he has a different way of thinking than I do?  Because he is more open while I’m more guarded?

It’s never really been about the quantity for me; I don’t seek more people to follow me or to befriend me.  I don’t have 300 followers on Twitter while others are desperate to feel important by getting spambots to follow them.  It’s crazy, they go all over the place on Twitter begging people to follow back while hoarding more and more followers just to reach an arbitrary milestone, like 1,500, or 2,000, or more.  “OMG I FEEL IMPORTANT!”  Please.

I really don’t know if my patience has already run out with certain people or if I’ve finally realized that these people never should’ve had a place in my life to begin with.  It’s impossible to keep such undesirables out before day 1 (not even SaBROmetrics could do this) but I’d like to think that I’m more cognizant now of what grinds my gears; I’ve gained better awareness and a better understanding of when someone has overstayed his or her welcome.

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People Will Always Be Scumbags

If there was ever a lesson you needed in life, this is it right here.

John Tortorella glaring at someone

John Tortorella’s face is the same as mine when I encounter scumbags in life.

Put down the self-help books, stop attending seminars, stop asking people on Reddit, Yahoo Answers, Facebook, or Twitter.  Just read the damn title of this post.

It is all you need to know about life and all about the people you will encounter in life.

People are scum, people have been scum, people will continue to be scum, and this will not fucking stop for the rest of eternity, or for however long humankind remains on this planet before they kill themselves off of it.

People take each other for granted.  And ironically social media has really amplified and magnified just how much people do take each other for granted.

The number of friends they claim to have is just a number.  Do you think they seriously give a damn about 20,439 people?  Or even 10 percent of that, which is a little less than 2,044 people?

Social media brings more people together but it also brings a lot more of the charades, the duplicity, and the dishonesty we could really do without.  But that’s what makes social media so great, right?  Because it brings more people together?

A lot of this crap stands out to me much more than it seems to do for others, either because I have a keen eye for BS, or because I wear my heart on my sleeve.  But this is crap I can do without.

In life you will have glorious epiphanies without fanfare where you realize things about the people you know.  By “epiphanies,” I do mean they happen more than once.  A lot more than once.  No matter how many times they happen, you will likely re-evaluate the people in life.  And if certain people elicit a lot of negative reactions or feelings when those certain people don’t mean a whole lot to you, it’s time to make some decisions and changes.

With changes come conflict.  Maybe you don’t want to create an awkward aura with the person.  Or, you really have had enough and you want to put your foot down.

Whatever you decide, if it’s a decision or you choose to forge a system of decisions, buy into it.  If you’re gonna believe in something, go out there and believe in it 100 percent and do not waver, not even for a second.

Be true to yourselves and be even more true when more things become false.  Don’t believe the lie, clutch the lie, or embrace the lie—unless you want to become a lie.

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SaBROmetrics: Can You Really Quantify A Friendship? (Part 2)

Last week, I asked if it was possible to quantify friendships (read Part 1 here).  Let’s continue that conversation.

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SaBROmetrics: Can You Really Quantify A Friendship? (Part 1)

It’s been too long since I’ve discussed SaBROmetrics.  So let’s start off Monday by discussing a broad and well-known topic: friendships.

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