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SaBROmetrics: Could You Really Determine If You Attract Good or Bad People?

It’s been too long since I’ve thrown words haphazardly into this blog about this strange concept of applying metrics and statistics to real-life situations.

Today, I ask this: is it possible to measure the likelihood that you attract unattractive and undesirable mates and, beyond that, are we pre-destined to attract more or fewer good or bad types of people?

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Tell me what you want—please wake me up

It’s another restless night.

These lyrics from a song titled “Throw your cards down” (sung by a vocalist named itori) seem to piece together some sort of idea I could subscribe to:

It’s just a lie
You’ll kick in my dream
It’s fine, I’m alright
Please stop my dream

What should I do?
You’ll say “good-bye”!
Tell me what you want
Please wake me up

Even in Engrish, I can discern something viable to consider. Like, maybe what I thought was right to think about people was really a lie; I could claim how I’m fine even if I’m really feeling like something of the contrary.

But the more I read these lyrics, the more they seem to be applicable to other things—relationships to be exact.  With just those eight lines as context, doesn’t it feel like she is in some sort of relationship where she is trying to figure her partner out and doesn’t know whether to stay or go?  She feels like the person she is asking will just say to her “say good-bye” but “Tell me what you want” feels more ambiguous to me somehow—who is she asking?

Have you ever been in this situation?  Was a relationship you were in more like a “dream” in the sense that this was what you envisioned to be perfect and ideal, or was it just make-believe—something you wanted to think was real?

Only I could think about stuff like this when I feel extremely unprepared for my own birthday that is coming up this Sunday.  What a life I live!

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SaBROmetrics: Can You Really Quantify A Friendship? (Part 2)

Last week, I asked if it was possible to quantify friendships (read Part 1 here).  Let’s continue that conversation.

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SaBROmetrics: Can You Really Quantify A Friendship? (Part 1)

It’s been too long since I’ve discussed SaBROmetrics.  So let’s start off Monday by discussing a broad and well-known topic: friendships.

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An Introduction to “SaBROmetrics”

Some time ago, during some down time at work, I told my buddy Gabe (follow him on Twitter at @gabestein) about all the different types of stats used in sports, particularly baseball.

I wondered: could there be a way to have stats for daily life? Continue reading

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