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A Humbling 31

A lot can change in a calendar year.

Last year I was brimming with excitement for my birthday. I was already thinking about birthday plans for months, figuring out what to do, who to invite, where to go. It was a fun time, getting a lot of people together to celebrate.

This year I never gave it any thought.

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That Was What I Really Needed

In sports, teams often ebb and flow between doing well and doing poorly throughout the course of a season.  Sometimes the good times roll and sometimes the bad times perpetuate.  Teams do a lot of different things to end the bad streaks, like have a closed-door team meeting, or do something together as a team to reinforce the notion everyone is in it together, or do something silly, like grow mustaches or share a gold-colored thong.

In life, we encounter these streaks too.  A lot of good streaks and bad streaks could be attributed to saBROmetrics working for or against you or there could be other factors at play.  Employed people (you know, people who have jobs, unlike the many people who would rather camp out in public and private parks) speak a lot about something called work/life balance.  It is what you think it is: the balance between work and recreation life!

Working a lot will bog people down and create varying levels of stress.  Some people can balance this or know the recreational activities needed to offset the stress.  But sometimes the work will continue to pile up and what you used to do to counteract that stress just doesn’t work anymore.  Sometimes you don’t know what to do to counteract the stress because you don’t even have enough time to think about it.  That isn’t a desired outcome.  That’s what happens to work-a-holics and to those who don’t have a good work/life balance.

You know what’s good? A spontaneous, fun event that forces you not to think about all of that mess.  A fun outing puts you in a different place and it reminds you that there is another part of life besides work.

I attended a friend’s birthday party last night not really knowing what to expect.  I figured it would be a good time, a chance to drink a little, a chance to eat here and there, and then go home on my merry way to rest up for work the next day.  You could draw out instructions to be executed precisely or you let the night dictate where you go.  The latter took place.

The birthday girl arrived and there was happiness.  Her friends arrived bearing gifts, which meant more happiness.  Then I saw people I knew, and more people I knew—some whom I haven’t seen in years.  The abstract idea of “business” (in this case, the fun we were having collectively as a group) was picking up.  And the one thing that guarantees business picking up?  Alcohol!

Drinks were had and pleasantries were exchanged.  I had a fun night for the first time in a long time.  It was fun seeing a lot of old, yet familiar, faces.  Plus, the birthday girl was nothing short of elated that we were all there to celebrate; if she’s happy, we were all happy.

Who would’ve thought having a fun could’ve been so easy?

I think it was 11:30 at night by the time I had left and still needed to embark on an hour-plus commute home.  I came home tired but it was worth it.  I really needed a night like that.

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Another birthday has come and gone.  Now I count down to the next one.

I’m beginning to realize why people celebrate their birthdays throughout an entire month instead of celebrating it for a day.  First, you get more chances to celebrate and you get more chances to see different friends.  More chances to be happy?  You can’t complain about that.

I’d like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday.  I hope to see many more birthdays.

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