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Pretty Much Everywhere, It’s Gonna Be Hot ~ People Reveal A Lot When It’s Hot

So it reached 97 degrees today in New York and tomorrow’s forecast will be about the same or worse.  People were going crazy over how hot it was.

Of course it would be hot.  It’s June.  In New York.  June is also when summer begins.  Should it surprise you that it’s hot?

If you’re going to moan about how hot it is, stop doing hot yoga in a velvet jacket while wearing Uggs and go to someplace like Australia, where it is winter and the temperatures are more comfortable.

But when the weather gets warm, you could say that is the time when the fashion trends in New York heat up.  Guys start wearing shorts, shirts with bright colors, and flashier sneakers while the girls bust out the flip flops, the sun dresses, the mini skirts, and other more revealing attire.

Some still like to wear their super tight jeans, weathered and worn-down leather boots purchased at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, and cardigans over a short-sleeved turtleneck in this weather—they just choose not to wear socks and they roll the cuffs on their pants up an additional two inches.  Enjoy your farmer tans and albino legs.

What’s interesting is that if you’re in New York (or any large city, I guess), you will learn a lot about people once summer comes around.  Whether they be friends or strangers, you will begin to notice things otherwise unseen.  I’ll make a list explaining it all!

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That Was What I Really Needed

In sports, teams often ebb and flow between doing well and doing poorly throughout the course of a season.  Sometimes the good times roll and sometimes the bad times perpetuate.  Teams do a lot of different things to end the bad streaks, like have a closed-door team meeting, or do something together as a team to reinforce the notion everyone is in it together, or do something silly, like grow mustaches or share a gold-colored thong.

In life, we encounter these streaks too.  A lot of good streaks and bad streaks could be attributed to saBROmetrics working for or against you or there could be other factors at play.  Employed people (you know, people who have jobs, unlike the many people who would rather camp out in public and private parks) speak a lot about something called work/life balance.  It is what you think it is: the balance between work and recreation life!

Working a lot will bog people down and create varying levels of stress.  Some people can balance this or know the recreational activities needed to offset the stress.  But sometimes the work will continue to pile up and what you used to do to counteract that stress just doesn’t work anymore.  Sometimes you don’t know what to do to counteract the stress because you don’t even have enough time to think about it.  That isn’t a desired outcome.  That’s what happens to work-a-holics and to those who don’t have a good work/life balance.

You know what’s good? A spontaneous, fun event that forces you not to think about all of that mess.  A fun outing puts you in a different place and it reminds you that there is another part of life besides work.

I attended a friend’s birthday party last night not really knowing what to expect.  I figured it would be a good time, a chance to drink a little, a chance to eat here and there, and then go home on my merry way to rest up for work the next day.  You could draw out instructions to be executed precisely or you let the night dictate where you go.  The latter took place.

The birthday girl arrived and there was happiness.  Her friends arrived bearing gifts, which meant more happiness.  Then I saw people I knew, and more people I knew—some whom I haven’t seen in years.  The abstract idea of “business” (in this case, the fun we were having collectively as a group) was picking up.  And the one thing that guarantees business picking up?  Alcohol!

Drinks were had and pleasantries were exchanged.  I had a fun night for the first time in a long time.  It was fun seeing a lot of old, yet familiar, faces.  Plus, the birthday girl was nothing short of elated that we were all there to celebrate; if she’s happy, we were all happy.

Who would’ve thought having a fun could’ve been so easy?

I think it was 11:30 at night by the time I had left and still needed to embark on an hour-plus commute home.  I came home tired but it was worth it.  I really needed a night like that.

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People Will Always Be Scumbags

If there was ever a lesson you needed in life, this is it right here.

John Tortorella glaring at someone

John Tortorella’s face is the same as mine when I encounter scumbags in life.

Put down the self-help books, stop attending seminars, stop asking people on Reddit, Yahoo Answers, Facebook, or Twitter.  Just read the damn title of this post.

It is all you need to know about life and all about the people you will encounter in life.

People are scum, people have been scum, people will continue to be scum, and this will not fucking stop for the rest of eternity, or for however long humankind remains on this planet before they kill themselves off of it.

People take each other for granted.  And ironically social media has really amplified and magnified just how much people do take each other for granted.

The number of friends they claim to have is just a number.  Do you think they seriously give a damn about 20,439 people?  Or even 10 percent of that, which is a little less than 2,044 people?

Social media brings more people together but it also brings a lot more of the charades, the duplicity, and the dishonesty we could really do without.  But that’s what makes social media so great, right?  Because it brings more people together?

A lot of this crap stands out to me much more than it seems to do for others, either because I have a keen eye for BS, or because I wear my heart on my sleeve.  But this is crap I can do without.

In life you will have glorious epiphanies without fanfare where you realize things about the people you know.  By “epiphanies,” I do mean they happen more than once.  A lot more than once.  No matter how many times they happen, you will likely re-evaluate the people in life.  And if certain people elicit a lot of negative reactions or feelings when those certain people don’t mean a whole lot to you, it’s time to make some decisions and changes.

With changes come conflict.  Maybe you don’t want to create an awkward aura with the person.  Or, you really have had enough and you want to put your foot down.

Whatever you decide, if it’s a decision or you choose to forge a system of decisions, buy into it.  If you’re gonna believe in something, go out there and believe in it 100 percent and do not waver, not even for a second.

Be true to yourselves and be even more true when more things become false.  Don’t believe the lie, clutch the lie, or embrace the lie—unless you want to become a lie.

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Being A Grown-Up

I don’t know if anyone aged 18 to 36 still wishes he or she were a child but for me, it would be welcome to be a kid again during a time like this.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about growing up and getting older.  Advancing into adulthood is a perpetual process until the person dies.  One could take a day off from work (provided you have a job, obviously) but one can’t take a day off from life.

This week has been no exception.  It’s been a whirlwind to say the least.

Getting older happens daily but each day provides its unique challenges.  The biggest challenge, IMO, is stress.

A truly stress-free life does not exist.  The only time you will be free of stress is when you’re dead.  Every day will have its own stressful situations.

Stress is something to get used to as it exists in different forms.  You have work stress (handling all the minutia of your job) and life stress (that same minutia but with family and friends).  These stresses have their own “sub-stresses” that will irritate you, too.  I could certainly imagine using some SaBROmetrics to measure these stress levels and how they affect people.

How you handle your stress will steer you in either the right or wrong direction in life.  So far, I’ve experienced several kinds of stress and through each experience, I’ve learned more about myself and about others.  In all instances, I was a changed person—it built character.

Stress will change you, too, but it’s up to you to set the bar for where you want to go as a person and whether you want to be a more positive person and to be someone of great character.  Ideally you want to be a more positive person.  So if you want to be, remember it’s not about just “getting there” but it’s about seeing that proverbial mile marker, and going past it.

Any time you think you are at your best, there is still room for improvement.

This year is barely three months old but so much has happened and I’ve learned so much.  The year is not over and neither is my life.

I must keep going, and I must keep improving.

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An Introduction to “SaBROmetrics”

Some time ago, during some down time at work, I told my buddy Gabe (follow him on Twitter at @gabestein) about all the different types of stats used in sports, particularly baseball.

I wondered: could there be a way to have stats for daily life? Continue reading

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