Sandy〜Remember My Name…

Sandy: the one name that elicits a far different response now than it did more than one year ago today.

You say the name Sandy and a slew of different images come to mind: half of Manhattan cast under darkness; downtown Manhattan being deluged by water—waters that flooded the Battery Tunnel, the South Ferry subway station, and the tunnel used by the R train (a tunnel so ravaged by the flood waters that it is in the midst of a 14-month rehabilitation project); Long Beach; the Jersey Shore; Governor Chris Christie; TV ads proclaiming that New Jersey was “Stronger Than the Storm”; the amusement park at Seaside Heights laying in ruins; families and business owners either overcome with the loss of everything they owned or bereft of emotion because they had lost so much they don’t even know where to begin; gas rations; looters; scams.

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It Doesn’t Get Any Easier [It Never Will]

September 11, 2013.  You’ll look at the month and date and you’ll probably pause and reflect.  You’ll look at the year and you’ll not believe that that much time has passed.

It has and always will be the worst day of my life—most other people will probably consider it to be their worst day, too.

I wrote about what was then the eighth anniversary back in 2009.  Everything I said then still applies now.

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Finally, an improvement!

I’ve decided to replace the calendar widget with an archive widget.  People wishing to read posts I’ve made in the past can do it much more easily and quickly.  Using the calendar and having to go back one month at a time was just not efficient for anyone.

Most importantly, I did this on my own without referring to feedback or suggestions from others!


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It’s not good when one remembers more of the bad times than the good times. No shit, really.

Thus, it’s ill-advised to think of bad experiences and days.

The list of bad experiences feels like it stretches for several miles but it must be ignored. The good experiences and the good times should take precedence, even if they’re infrequent and uncommon.

Unfortunately I don’t forget the bad.

The Bad and the Good

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A Few Glued Pages

Social media has empowered people to share details about their lives to friends and acquaintances (and sometimes strangers).  It’s remarkable how people who have never met face to face could know intimate details about their lives.

We have so many tools and options at our disposal when it comes to sharing content: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, and plenty more sites provide us with a platform to share what’s on our minds.  But when does sharing become excessive?  How can we identify the precise point when we have to tell someone to cap his well of details and information before it all overflows and spills over?

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