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December · Descender · Dec-Ender · December

So much for writing posts on this blog.

A lot has happened in 2015 and virtually all of it was not documented here. I don’t like to overshare, I had no time to write, I lost the motivation to write—these are the excuses that I don’t care if you don’t accept.

So, while there are still about two dozen hours left in 2015 (at the time of publishing), let me try and reflect on what has happened.
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Getting Reacclimated (In More Ways Than One)

This is a ghastly habit.

When I started this blog, I meant to write often—providing my few readers something to think about.  I got very lazy and kept deferring updates until now.

So, what has happened?

I took a trip to Seattle (second time in two years) to see the Yankees play the Mariners.  Before that, I spent a few days in San Francisco and caught a Blue Jays – Giants game over there.

Visiting Seattle was not fully about the Yankee game (okay, maybe a little) as I went to meet up with a friend of mine who had moved out there.  I had a great few days getting to explore different places and meeting new people. Thanks for your hospitality!

It’s really nice to get up and go far away from home for a few days.  There’s so much to explore beyond your comfort zone; go out and travel if you can.

Coming back home from Seattle to New York was welcoming but also a drag because I felt like I had finally gotten used to everything different over there: the climate, the people, and the time difference.  Returning home meant having to be reacclimated to what I was already used to in New York.

And after all that, there is yet another acclimation: writing in this blog.  I can make no guarantees but I’ll do my “darnedest” to update a little more often.

That’s all for me here.  Until next time…

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Riveting Tale, Chap

The topic: Asian tendencies in relation to me and Tina:

Tina: i will never with those charms
Me: me neither
Me: im asian in name and looks only
Tina: i have some asian tendencies
brianspeaksnow: people have said im more black or more hispanic with the way i carry myself
brianspeaksnow: as do i, but those azn tendencies i usually keep on the low
Tina: im dominican or jamaican

Wow!  What a post, right, guys?



I received a care package today. By “care,” I mean that you readers are not entitled to care, but please join me as we take a look at the package’s contents!

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RIP Steve Jobs

I knew the man was in poor health already but this still came as a huge shocker.

In the past I’ve spoken derisively of Apple and its consumer base but you cannot discredit what Mr. Jobs has done and the role he played in making Apple what it is today.

Just look at how many people use Apple devices every day.  You cannot go a day without seeing one.

I guess I’ll keep my iTouch silent tonight.