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Today’s hard-hitting question: do you leave the default password and name to your WiFi network or do you change it to something you can remember more easily?

I assumed that those who don’t change the defaults had no idea how to make those changes. But it was revealed to me that it is advantageous to retain the default password of mixed letters and digits because it would be more difficult for people to sneak onto the network.

I’d rather make the password easy to memorize, but make it a little more difficult than something like “12345.”

WiFi Networks〜How Do You Administer?

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Derek Jeter homered, Alfonso Soriano had a walk-off game-winning hit, and Hideki Matsui was celebrated. No, this isn’t a recap of Yankees Classics, this happened today!

It has been a tough season for the Yankees and their fans. Who knew Curtis Granderson’s injury from an errant pitch from J.A. Happ in Spring Training would set the tone for a whole season up to this point? The Yankees are celebrating a “timeless legacy” that’s supposed to evoke memories of Yankee defining moments, not injuries. Who knew there would be such a revolving door at shortstop and third base?

The next few days will be a test for the Yankees and their fans. Are the fans willing to stand by this team if they falter? Will the Yankees give up on this season? Will they keep fighting for that last Wild Card berth? With Jeter back, Granderson set to return soon, and Michael Pineda (remember him?) working his way back from injury, what can we expect? Let’s also not overlook the specter that is a possible suspension for Alex Rodriguez…

Perhaps we could all be optimistic for the remainder of this season and hope the Yankees’ collective luck can turn around. Today’s win was an important first step. Hey, if it all goes well, we can look back on this season, realize the doom-and-gloom was exaggerated, and ask ourselves “who knew?”

These Are Interesting Times To Be A Yankees Fan

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Just Pause and Notice

A view of the backyard along with the trees and sky

A view of the backyard along with the trees and sky

Beautiful, isn’t it?

I was in the middle of some things when I looked out the screen door to the backyard and saw this.  I stopped what I was doing and watched.

Other than a random bird who flew in, there was nothing else.  Just the trees and the sky.

I felt the calm, brisk spring breeze after I opened the door to the backyard.  A calm breeze that immediately indicated how different it felt outside compared to the indoors.

The blossoms on the tree to the left look great, don’t they?  That is the apple tree in my neighbor’s yard—an apple tree that suffered some damage from Superstorm Sandy and a nor’easter.  Most of its branches either blew off or collapsed under the weight of snow.  A few other splintered branches were later cut off by our neighbor.  They thought the tree was dead; the tree (figuratively) did a Dikembe Mutombo finger wag.

There is the bigger tree to the right of the picture that is in another neighbor’s yard.  I don’t know much about that tree.  I just know it’s consistently been there since I moved into this area and it’s a tree I see prominently from my bedroom window.  Its green leaves are proof the tree is healthy and I hope it stays for a while; it’d be a pity if the tree ever had to come down.

You can’t really see it in the foreground but there’s the green grass of our lawn and our small garden of flowers.  Right now there are more random plants but it’s better than seeing dead plants or barren, dry soil.  Occasionally, birds will fly around the lawn or land and take a walk around.  Squirrels like to visit once in a while.

Now look up.  Look at that blue sky!  I almost feel spoiled by the clear skies this weekend (and week).  I can’t recall a time in recent memory when the weather was this consistently pleasant and enjoyable.

It’s amazing how just the sight of nature can make me stop and take notice of it.  It brings a feeling of tranquility and it makes me forget about the more unpleasant aspects of life.  The time you spend worrying about things like whether you should buy that new wallet, or whether you should buy that fancy sun dress to impress that guy who may not be interested in you, or whether you need to purchase more birth control pills unfortunately cheats us out of being able to sit back and enjoy what nature has to offer.  Calm sights like the one pictured above actually make me happy because I’m able to enjoy a moment of brief peace while I feel the warmth from the sun and the breeze from the wind.  Nature’s fine in these circumstances—not so much during inclement weather.

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Yankees Opening Day

Baseball’s back (and better than ever?  Uhhhh…) and I took a trip to the Bronx to attend my first Opening Day game!

The weather was great to start but got very chilly (for spring) later on.  It didn’t help that the Yankees lost 8-2 to the Boston Red Sox but I still had a good time.

Here are some things worth noting:

  • CC Sabathia looks skinnier than ever.  Starting to live up to being billed as “Slimbathia.”  Still big but the girth he once had is now largely absent.
  • CC didn’t warm up to “Big Poppa” 😦
  • It was quite hot to start the game; my seats were still in the direction of the sun despite being under some shade.  I think I got a slight tan out of it…
  • The sound system in my section wasn’t working at all—we couldn’t hear any announcements during the opening ceremonies.  They finally turned on the speakers just in time for Mariano Rivera’s introduction.
  • A moment of silence was held to honor the memory of those killed in the school shooting at Sandy Hook.  Just heartbreaking thinking about those young children who were murdered.
  • The giant videoboard misspelled Eduardo Nunez’s name as “Eduardi Nunez.”  This was corrected quickly.
  • The crowd cleared at around the 6th or 7th inning.  By the 8th and 9th, it started to drizzle and get windy; this forced more people to hide for cover making Yankee Stadium look completely empty.

All in all, a fun time was still had.  Go Yankees!

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It’s Been One Year

One year ago I lost my grandfather.  I still remember it fairly clearly, ranging from finding out at work, wondering whether or not I should immediately go to my grandmother’s home, and what emotions should I have, if any.

The subway ride back to Queens was just strange.  I was grieving mentally but on the surface I showed nothing more than a barely sullen—yet expressionless—face.

My family will be visiting his grave at the cemetery in a few weeks in what will now become a yearly routine, in addition to our other cemetery visits.

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