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Surviving Hurricane Sandy

I haven’t published anything newsworthy on this blog for far too long so I want to take this opportunity to give my readers an update on how I lived through Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy.

I first heard about Sandy through a friend’s Facebook post that was made more than a week before the storm threatened the northeast.  I sort of dismissed it, thinking it would not prove to be a factor.  I was mistaken.

As all the weather experts predicted the hurricane would strike the northeast, I thought this was going to be Hurricane Irene all over again: a hurricane that grazed the NYC-area, leaving a few damp leaves, while terrorizing New England with massive flooding.  I was mistaken.

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Pretty Much Everywhere, It’s Gonna Be Hot ~ People Reveal A Lot When It’s Hot

So it reached 97 degrees today in New York and tomorrow’s forecast will be about the same or worse.  People were going crazy over how hot it was.

Of course it would be hot.  It’s June.  In New York.  June is also when summer begins.  Should it surprise you that it’s hot?

If you’re going to moan about how hot it is, stop doing hot yoga in a velvet jacket while wearing Uggs and go to someplace like Australia, where it is winter and the temperatures are more comfortable.

But when the weather gets warm, you could say that is the time when the fashion trends in New York heat up.  Guys start wearing shorts, shirts with bright colors, and flashier sneakers while the girls bust out the flip flops, the sun dresses, the mini skirts, and other more revealing attire.

Some still like to wear their super tight jeans, weathered and worn-down leather boots purchased at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, and cardigans over a short-sleeved turtleneck in this weather—they just choose not to wear socks and they roll the cuffs on their pants up an additional two inches.  Enjoy your farmer tans and albino legs.

What’s interesting is that if you’re in New York (or any large city, I guess), you will learn a lot about people once summer comes around.  Whether they be friends or strangers, you will begin to notice things otherwise unseen.  I’ll make a list explaining it all!

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What Did I Do on Saturday?

I watched a pinata get destroyed.

Stracey, the pinata, gets destroyed

I’d like to thank my friend Gabe, his girlfriend Lauren, and his roommate Joel for being accommodating hosts yesterday.  This is not always what people do at house parties in Brooklyn.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It’s June, and summer is fast approaching for those of us in the northern hemisphere. I’m well aware those in the southern hemisphere are planning winter getaways.

[You may have noticed a new category. “Quick Strikes” will be devoted to short entries that have no real substance to them. In other words, it’s a fancy term for filler content.]

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The “Canyon of Heroes” Is Not An Actual Canyon or National Park

But it will be the site of the celebratory parade for the New York Football Giants, who defeated the New England Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI.

Definitely a game to remember—Super Bowls should always be fought hard and down to the wire; they shouldn’t ever be blowouts.

No more NFL games until the fall.  All you people who pretended to care for football just for the Super Bowl can go back to your ways.

But at least this means baseball is that much closer!

Strange Subway Scenes

Wow, alliteration in the title!

This is all about two strange things I’ve seen in the subway; two things that had occurred on consecutive days after I had never seen anything like it over the past five-plus years.

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