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The blog is now more mobile-friendly. Previously, the site’s current CSS was sort of shoe-horned into a mobile “theme” and it looked like crap, to be frank.

For now, if you’re looking at this on a mobile device, it will have a WordPress mobile theme. Once I have a particular set of skills, I’ll figure out how to get the CSS to make the site look about as similar as it can across multiple devices.


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Justifying This Blog’s Existence

I had started this blog a while ago to give myself a platform to express my ideas. I have neglected to do that.

I think it would be a good idea to start making use of this blog again. I had used it just to write about things that I felt strongly about or things that I felt needed to be posted for others to read. I think I need to get back into that habit.

The old habit of neglecting blogs needs to be curtailed.

Edit: You may have also noticed something different about the blog’s appearance. The old color scheme has been replaced with shades of blue.

Finally, an improvement!

I’ve decided to replace the calendar widget with an archive widget.  People wishing to read posts I’ve made in the past can do it much more easily and quickly.  Using the calendar and having to go back one month at a time was just not efficient for anyone.

Most importantly, I did this on my own without referring to feedback or suggestions from others!


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Turn the Page

Can you believe it?  2012 is almost over!

The year, and everything, was supposed to end December 21.  I guess we were given an extension.

Everyone (rather, a lot of people) likes to choose January 1 as the day to make resolutions and changes; certain people decide to put down their avocado hamburger “salads” the morning of January 1 to sign up for a gym because a new year means new rules.

Evolution and change should be constant.  Instead of applying changes to yourself that will take effect on one day en masse, how about try and change yourselves little by little every day of the new year?  This works well if you have multiple problems or you have multiple bad habits you want to correct.

That being said, it’s time for my annual year-in-review where I give myself a mission to change myself beginning January 1.  /grins

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