A Humbling 31

A lot can change in a calendar year.

Last year I was brimming with excitement for my birthday. I was already thinking about birthday plans for months, figuring out what to do, who to invite, where to go. It was a fun time, getting a lot of people together to celebrate.

This year I never gave it any thought.

That’s right, I don’t have any major desire to go out, get drunk, or do anything extravagant. Even the thought of doing such things is already mentally exhausting. Annoying extroverts will probably demand I celebrate every day of the week but I have no energy or patience to overextend something that really isn’t that significant.

It’s not significant to me because I learned to prioritize things in my life a little differently the past several months. (Being out of work and living off unemployment can do that to you.) Yep, unemployment. I had less of an urge to go out, having to decide whether to hang out in an out of the way locale or saving my money so that I could actually have money to fall back on. If you call it “funemployment” you’re really kidding yourself. There wasn’t anything fun about something that started to feel more like house arrest as the days and months passed with interview opportunities working out at first only to not work out later on. It was all very humbling and it really began to make me question whether I was even good enough to do anything anymore. It was tough, but I couldn’t afford to give up.

It was a good thing I didn’t give up. Through good fortune and perseverance I’ve now started working at a new job. “They” say good things come to those who wait so maybe it was better that it had to happen this way. Ultimately I feel I still learned a lot about myself and other things and that it was still worthwhile. I’ll share some advice that really helped me a great deal in another post, which you can check out here!

In the meantime, it’s time to get back on track and put all of that adversity behind me, including the worrying that had lingered with me the past several months. Maybe I can finally think about giving myself a little time to celebrate my birthday. I think I deserve that much.

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