I’ve already looked back on 2015.  Now I look forward to 2016.

In previous years I would come up with a theme, a motif, a motto for the upcoming new year. This basically summarized what I wanted to accomplish and to instill some optimism for what was to come. The theme also served to get my mind right for a new year by discarding the old memories of the past year and, to be frank, to give me an excuse to design flashy graphics.

One year (2011) my theme was “Rebranding. Rebuilding. Renewal,” expressed through an all-caps sans serif font with tight kerning between letters amidst a shade of light green. There were other “inspirational” messages rendered very similarly that were under the same umbrella, such as this:


I deliberately put this as a background on my iPod so that I would be reminded every day how I should approach the year.

Back then I wrote on an earlier version of this blog my goals going into the new year, and I wrote something that seems to be one of the earlier instances of me realizing how “real” life can be:

Life really is never easy. Sure, it would be nice if it could be predictable and everything you wished to happen did.  But it’s naive to think it could ever be simple.

Life is all about learning. Life tends not to hold anything back. You get the full force and impact of its “lessons” without any option to mute, censor, or fast-forward like you’re watching a DVD or a show saved on your DVR.

Moving words. No, “moving” as in emotionally moving—the words are stationary on the screen and if not, you need to troubleshoot that problem.

So, as we embark on 2016, the theme for me this year is “More…”

“More…? You are going to tell us…more…about this, yes?”

As I was going through the tail end of 2015, I was going through a phase where I began to learn more about myself. There were a few life experiences that changed my point of view on things, but there were also life experiences where I had not known what would happen and how I would handle them. I had moments where I didn’t fully believe in myself—where I thought I lacked a drive and a commitment to see things through—but with just enough encouragement I found out that I was really more capable than I had given myself credit for.

These experiences were largely positive for me long-term. I wanted more of these kinds of experiences—more opportunities for me to learn about myself.

I looked back on the fun times I had in 2015 and how I wanted more of these in 2016. More opportunities to be with friends, more opportunities to make friends, more time to have fun.

I wanted more.

And there I had it: “More…”

The Integral Role of the Ellipsis

Right from the beginning I knew it had to be styled as “More…” instead of “More.” The ellipsis fills in the blank for the aforementioned activities I want to do this year but also functions as a way of showing that the thought is unfinished; what I have not accomplished yet can be considered “unfinished business” for me to take care of.

But in simplest terms, it symbolizes that there is still a lot more to come for this year: hangouts, birthdays (especially my own), and other life events.

The new year is a story that’s just begun. To be continued.…



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