We’re Approaching August〜How’s Your Year Going?

If you still have a calendar with physical pages to turn, then you know the eighth month on the Gregorian calendar is around the proverbial corner. What does this mean for us observing summer in the Northern Hemisphere?

1. Summertime is almost over.

The beach days are dwindling. The cooler temperatures will strike just as you finish complaining about how hot it is. Have you accomplished everything you wanted to do?

2. Back to school!

This only applies to a few people but August means it’s time to get back in the routine of going to class and doing homework. /pictureofschoolbus.gif

3. Is it your birthday? Is it your friend’s birthday?

Schedule those Facebook posts where you pretend to be sincere with your birthday wishes! Okay, I’m kidding there. If your birthday is in August, do you know how you will celebrate?

If you were set on making this year “count,” have you really made any progress in doing that?

I wonder if my friends and acquaintances in the Southern Hemisphere approach their summer (December-March) similarly. I still can’t fathom the idea that Christmas is a summer holiday for them.  Despite the difference in seasons, do you all measure where you are in terms of meeting your goals?

Also, a question to my loyal readers (specifically the ones who knew August as a month of recess from school): how did you go about spending the remaining days of your vacation?  Did you make sure to have as much fun as possible?


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