Coming to Terms With [Blank]

We’re not perfect. We all have a “mixed bag” of things (not talking about actual bags in this case) to deal with and carry every day. I’m stating the obvious, yes, but reminders of it are helpful to some of you who think you’ve “lost your way.”

The imperfections sort of become cemented as you age. Either you know how to deal with them or you can’t. Once you’re an adult, that’s it.

Adulthood is not fun, kids. Did I spoil it for you? Oh, I’m sorry, here’s a used handkerchief to wipe your tears. But it’s true, it really isn’t fun because adulthood is all about learning how to play the hand you’re dealt.

This is a really crappy hand. I thought all was great until a great many few bad cards ended up my way. I don’t even know anymore–it always feels like I find myself back at square one in some situation that’s less than ideal.

I really wish the simple things in life could be simple for me. Just once (or perhaps for forever) I’d like to be able to barge into a group of strangers and leave with five new best friends. I’d like to be able to live a life where I don’t feel ostracized by everyone because I don’t agree with what they do or say or with what they believe in. It’d be nice to feel welcomed a little more often instead of seeing the nonverbal cues telling me to go away.

Or is a life of solitude what I was destined for?

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