The Past Is Permanent ~ One Month’s Reflection

It’s January 24 and I find myself sitting while pondering, wondering, and hypothesizing life and its mysteries.  Some people do this when they’re drunk or high but I tend to think about a lot of things most of the time.  What’s on my mind?  I guess a list of things is apropos.


How one person balances life’s plates of problems (clever metaphor, right?) will define said person.  Will the balancing act be successful or will the plates fall and shatter?  Will that person have a crying episode that demands the attention and intervention of a friend or acquaintance ostensibly acting as Gordon Ramsay (cue profanities in his voice)?  Do you want to say you survived adversity (missing an episode of “Girls” doesn’t count—pipe down) or say you ran away?

I always say that we must play the cards we’re dealt.  That’s just how it is and how it goes.

What’s Next?

Spoiler alert: adulthood is scary.  Remember when you could coast through school and not worry too much about accountability?  Remember how the grown-ups/parents handled everything for you?  Now it’s your turn to handle yourself and be accountable for your actions and choices.  It’s much more difficult to get away with the things you used to do because everything you do now reverberates and resonates.  Thank social media for part of that.

[Related to the previous point] What You Do *REALLY* Reverberates

The past is permanent.  Don’t lie to yourself and pretend other things happened.  What’s done is done, as they say (whoever “they” are).  We sometimes make decisions that aren’t so great and we have to live with those decisions.  It goes to my thinking regarding circumstances: play the cards that are dealt and figure out whether you want to persevere or flee.

Maybe I do think too much.  But can I be faulted for that?  There is nothing wrong with checking up on myself to see where I am so far in 2013 and there is nothing wrong if you all check up on yourselves, too—assuming the euphoria of your outlandish resolutions for the new year has to have worn off  by now.

We may be creatures of habit but that doesn’t mean we (or “you” in the proverbial sense) are inclined to keep doing thins the same way.  The present is now and the future is unknown; make the most of these days to create a permanent past you can be happy about.

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