Those Who Think Differently: Are They Ostracized?

A long time ago, I once said this:

It just seems society punishes those who do not want to adhere to social norms—as if those who think outside of the box are to be thrown inside a cage.

Is this true?  I know most of you would say it’s not but I beg to differ.

I’ve usually taken on viewpoints that generally contradicted those of “everyone” else or lived a little differently from others; I never spent too much money on myself, never really drank or smoked when I was 12, nor have I ever had those rebellious outbursts that are supposed to be examples of a rite of passage.

And yet, I feel like I’m on the outside staring in a lot of the time all because of how differently I thought about things.

You bring up some obscure rocker, singer, musical act and it will go over my head.  Same thing with a lot of TV shows.  Ask me if I’ve ever heard of “this song” (whatever it is) and I will say no.

This will be a bit of a “did you know” kind of thing.  I don’t know how to start conversations.  I don’t know  how to interrupt conversations.  I always wait to speak.  If there is something I don’t know anything about (read: most pop culture), I’m not going to talk about it in conversation.  This apparently makes me look weird but I’d take that instead of coming off as being completely ignorant about a topic.  Bah, who am I kidding?

Some people would welcome the opportunity to be “weird” rather than “normal.”  Why would you ever do that to yourself?  Why run the risk of always being that person who is lost at sea in conversation because you’ve never heard of the cool band that played with Fisher Price keyboards in their parents’ basements?  Why would you always have to contend with the difficulty of fitting in?

Perhaps some people just want to experience it because they’re tired of being normal?  Whatever, guys, just be careful what you wish for…

But perhaps there are benefits to going against the grain that I am missing?

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